Where Can Yoga Instructors Make the Most Money?

Are you considering becoming a yoga teacher? Here are 20 ways to make money as a yoga instructor from teaching in person to monetizing social media.

Where Can Yoga Instructors Make the Most Money?

Are you wondering how much yoga instructors make? If you're considering becoming a yoga teacher, you'll be pleased to know that there are many ways to monetize your skills. From teaching in person to monetizing social media, here are 20 ways to make money as a yoga instructor.

Teaching in Person

- Teaching in person is the most common way for yoga instructors to make money. You can teach classes at a local studio, gym, or community center. The hourly rate you charge will depend on your location, skills, and certification.

If you want to expand and give private classes, you'll earn considerably more per lesson, but you may not teach as many classes.

Work Impromptu

- You can also work impromptu by offering classes at a local day care center or in an after-school program. This is a great way to bring yoga to children who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity.

Monetizing Social Media

- If you have a social media presence, there's a chance you could earn six figures as a yoga teacher. You can use platforms like Instagram and YouTube to promote your classes and reach more people.

Teaching Online

- If creating videos catches your eye, then you can consider creating a YouTube channel and using it as a platform for teaching yoga online. Once you get about 250,000 views and a good number of subscribers, your videos will be attractive to advertisers and will start generating revenue for you.

Yoga Teacher Salaries

- Yoga teacher salaries vary greatly depending on location and studio.

The most common way to become a certified yoga teacher is to complete a 200-hour training program approved by the Yoga Alliance in the U. S. Department of State and the International Yoga Federation.

Creating Your Own Website

- We teach yoga teachers through the process of creating their own website and teach them basic online marketing skills (social media, email marketing, blogs, etc.). As you work in the industry, you'll gain a network of regular students, fellow teachers, and other wellness workers within the yoga community.

Offering Workshops

- You can offer a yoga and meditation workshop, a workshop on the yogic lifestyle, or a style-specific workshop.

This is an excellent way to make extra money as a yoga instructor.

Traveling Abroad

- If you are going to travel and teach yoga abroad, you can save a lot of space in your luggage by buying one of the best travel yoga mats that are high-quality, compact and that weigh next to nothing.

Recording Classes for Yoga Videos Online

- If you're going to record classes for yoga videos online, I recommend that you buy a microphone.By pursuing your personal passion, there's room for everyone to earn money as a yoga teacher. The training program should be comprehensive and focus on anatomy, sequencing, signals and even the business of yoga.