What to Wear to a Wellness Retreat: A Guide for Active Women

Are you planning on attending a wellness retreat? Read this guide to find out what type of clothing is best suited for different types of activities.

What to Wear to a Wellness Retreat: A Guide for Active Women

What to wear at a wellness retreat is no longer a question. Athletics is the answer. Whether you're heading to a meditation retreat at a mountain resort or a yoga and surfing retreat by the sea, sportswear is the go-to choice for any type of wellness vacation. A good sports bra is essential for any type of movement-based activity.

Nowadays, sportswear brands make very stylish sports bras without compromising support. A swimsuit is also something you should never forget to pack. Think about packing several in case you're heading to a beach retreat or for water sports. A swimsuit is also useful for bathing in waterfalls during hikes, spa pools and hot tubs.

You'll want to pack shoes that are lightweight but supportive and suitable for your activity. For hiking retreats, pack hiking boots that are sturdy enough for the trails. Don't even try to walk on difficult terrain in sneakers. Sandals are an essential sporting element for those tropical and beach retreats.

I recommend sandals or flip flops without additional straps or buckles so that they are easy to take off and put on when entering a yoga room or walking on the beach.When it comes to what to wear at a wellness retreat, sportswear is all about style and comfort. You should consider these two factors when investing in sportswear for your wellness retreat. Generally speaking, for a one-week retreat, bring 1 to 2 comfortable pants that you can wear daily for any meditation, yoga practice, or talk. Leggings are perfect in mild climates, while fleece-lined options would be better for cold weather.Not every moment of a retreat will be spent exercising; there will be plenty of time to relax and socialize.

Wear unrestricted clothing that you feel comfortable in, so you can focus on your well-being, not how you look. Place them on your bed. Pack clothes that you can mix and match for an extra look and use the same amount of space.Yoga, meditation or detox retreats are all about your personal well-being, and the focus should be on yourself. Perfect for any activity in a wellness retreat, yoga pants allow you to move easily and comfortably at the same time.Retreats aren't a fashion show, so you don't have to worry about having the latest brands or Instagram-worthy sportswear.

If you're going to the wellness retreat alone, bring photos and encouraging notes from your loved ones. It is usually made of sportswear materials that are designed in such a way that the items can be used both for workouts and for everyday life.If your wellness retreat includes yoga or light movement, you can opt for a bra with less support instead of a running retreat, where you'll need a good high-impact bra. A wardrobe staple for any active woman, you probably have a few yoga pants you can trust.For retreats in the tropics, you can also consider wearing loose and loose-fitting long dresses to wear comfortably instead of pants for group work and also use them for sightseeing or dining.You can also download the wellness luggage list that I usually send to all my retreats once they book with me. This will help you better prepare for your mental and physical wellness retreat that lies ahead.